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Protecting people and property from the risk of fire is of fundamental importance to any organisation – the consequences of getting it wrong can be devastating.  Our team of Fire Safety professionals work throughout the country providing fire safety assessments, advice, support and training.


The starting point for any organisation is to appoint a competent person to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA), but this is only one half of the equation. The law requires you to act upon the findings of the FRA and to demonstrably manage fire safety on an ongoing basis. This means reviewing, monitoring, and testing fire safety arrangements where appropriate, and backing this up with periodic fire safety training.


At Ensure we provide the full range of support, from conducting FRAs through to the provision of technical advice, fire safety training, and liaison with regulatory authorities. We back this up by providing our customers with a FREE software system to help them to remain compliant and manage the entire process – programme planning, accessing FRAs, managing and tracking the actions through to completion, performance dashboards and periodic reports as required. Although designed to help organisations that manage large numbers of buildings (Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Managing Agents), the system is equally appropriate for businesses and organisations of any size, and is capable of dovetailing with existing asset management systems.


Fire Safety

“I can highly recommend the company [Ensure] if you are looking for experts to assist your organisation with fire safety compliance.”

-- Justine Manning, Older Persons Services Manager, Gosport Borough Council  --

Statutory Requirements

The duties and responsibilities of the landlord or business owner are laid down in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (available here), and further information can be found here. In summary, if you are responsible for a property or venue where people other than your family and friends can visit, then the law requires you to have a fire risk assessment carried out by a competent person and to act on the findings of that assessment.

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